About our classes


The beginning class is designed to help you establish and refine a regular meditation practice.  You learn a simple meditation that helps you notice when your attention is caught up in thoughts, and gives you practice with directing your attention away from these thoughts.  Consistent practice yields many benefits, including stress reduction, greater clarity, more focused attention, less anxiety, and a stronger connection to the quiet, non-verbal aspects of yourself.  You may notice some of these benefits soon after starting.  


Once you are proficient with the first meditation, you may be invited to come to the second class where you learn a technique called tuning in, which allows you be in touch with your feelings.  Being in touch with your feelings helps you be clearer about what works for you in your life and alerts you to what doesn’t.  It gives you an effective and constructive way of dealing with feelings, and helps you be less reactive to them.  It also gives you a sense of aliveness and vibrancy that adds a deeper dimension to your life. 


These practices work together to help you become increasingly connected to yourself and live a more satisfying, fulfilling life.


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The Vidyana Foundation promotes personal fulfillment by making mystical teachings available for use in everyday life. 

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